'After My Divorce' / 'Master's Gone Away' 7-inch [SBR15]
7" vinyl (2007) $5 buy now
"After My Divorce"

'Gates of the Old City' / 'Help Me Roada' [SBR22]
Digital-only (2008) Download:
"Gates of the Old City"

'Spit for Your Shine' / 'Born in the Desert' [SBR25]
Digital-only (2008) Download:
"Spit for Your Shine"

Born in the Desert [SBR30]
CD (2008) $13 buy now
"After My Divorce"

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The Shangri-Las backed by the Pixies. "One collective stiletto heel in the Brill Building circa 1963 and the other in what used to be CBGB." Put the top down, turn it up, sing along.

Born from the collaboration of childhood friends Boshra al Saadi and Nicole Greco, Looker began as a hot summer's experiment in Manhattan's lower east side back in 2003. Since then the band has grown with the addition of AJ Lambert on bass and Robbie Overbey on drums.

Boshra AlSaadi-gtr/vox
Nicole Greco-gtr/vox
AJ Lambert-bass/vox
Robbie Overbey-drums/vox

"Looker...kick and coo on their debut album Born Too Late with one collective stiletto heel in the Brill Building circa 1963 and the other in what used to be CBGB...my first favorite racket of 2007."
David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"Simple but effervescent three minute bursts of guitar tuneage, delivered with unabashed enthusiasm."
Steve Lamaaq, SXSW Journal

"Looker's pop punk is lived-in and time proven, descended equally from the top down 70's and the melodic punk that revolted against it...the quartet is skilled in the simplest of undeniable things: endlessly bouncy rhythms, female harmonies and a fist pumping quality."
-Mike Wolf - Time Out NY

"Sassy American rock & roll with low slung guitars and economically short power-pop riffs."
-Steve Lamacq BBC1 Radio

"New York's best pop-punk band."
Sonic Parthenon

"Rock and roll's future...: I finally figured out the secret to Looker’s success. Primarily playing in a rock genre that is mostly populated these days by young kids emo-ing and screamo-ing their insincerity, Looker brings pop-punk (and similar genres) back to a more mature, substantive level. Whether singing about personal affairs in songs like “After My Divorce” and the show-stopping “Gregory” (by all rights, it should be a radio smash hit) or broader subjects in songs like “Born in the Desert”, “Radio”, or the super stellar “Gates of the Old City” (number 1 on this week’s Top 20 Countdown on the Pennypacker-pod), this band has a wiser and more authentic perspective than many of their peers. Musically, Boshra and Nicole trade flawless harmonies when they aren’t trading guitar licks while A.J. and Robbie bring up the solid rhythm section. Always a good time with this band."
Sonic Parthenon

"Looker burst onto the New York scene in 2003 just as NYC was entering into the initial phases of major Strokes fatigue. Their actively catchy tunesmith-ery, heavily influenced by the likes of early bad-girl pop icons 'The Shangri-las', as well as pre-disco Blondie, found instant favor with audiences hungry for a sound with a cheerier disposition. The early wave of NY bands that had been heralded as saviours (strokes, Interpol, yeah, yeah , yeahs), well, they wound up being red herrings all. Maybe it was that laden association with 9/11 and all the baggage no one wanted to talk about, or maybe people just wanted to dance again - whatever the reason, Looker and their burgeoning collection of instant classics appeared to be the logical choice as the next saviours to be.

5 years, 2 albums, and several terrific singles later, they are still on the scene, recording new music for an album and assembling THE troops for their next campaign. They are not at saviour status yet – and I mean YET, emphasizing the word YET – but they've definitely got the goods.

Boshra and Nicole's vocals blend together like a latter day Don Henley and Glenn Frey – if you'll pardon the association to the Eagles – and their once jittery, spare instrumentation has given way to a decided musical maturity and assuredness that is absent in most bands today. The addition of AJ Lambert on bass has really helped this cause, as she brings with her a power and FINESSE on her instrument that recalls both McCartney and Carole Kaye from 'the wrecking crew'. Rounding out the mix is Robbie Overbay's unique backbeat. Starting off as guitarist, you can feel that inherent sense of musicality in the way he plays."
Walrus Comix

"Kick ass"
-Berkeley Place