Rococo [SBR40]
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The Paparazzi
Erik Paparazzi has been recording and touring in various incarnations of The Paparazzi since way back. His heroes are the underdogs of pop like Harry Nilsson, Nick Lowe, Todd Rundgren, Lee Hazelwood, Brian Wilson, and all the other musical visionaries who can get down with happy accidents, soul power, and the lushness of it all.

Erik currently plays bass in Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, and has been lucky enough to perform with The Pierces, Men Without Pants, the Losers Lounge, Wilco keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen's Pronto, etc. Erik made three records in the 90s as part of Lizard Music which also featured Jorgensen.

His new album Rococo is set for release on Serious Business this winter. Listen now to hit jam "The Rococo Tape" which will appear on Rococo, a 12" slab of long-playing vinyl that Erik will dump in our laps in time for early '10. Delicious!
The Paparazzi - The Rococo Tape  by  seriousbusiness


Side One
...And Away We Go
The Rococo Tape
Up Up and Away
Upper East Suicide

Side Two
Epic Proportions
Going, Going, Gone...
My O My
Fall (Into It)