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Waving at the Astronauts [SBR46-EJRC078]
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"Paradise Is Not so Bad"

Bob Pollard talks Lifeguards, etc with Don Thrasher This is part-3 of a 5-part interview wuth the BUDDHA DEN, a Dayton webzine. Read [more...]
LIFEGUARDS: Free MP3, Pitchfork Debut, LP/CD PreOrder. Paradise Is Not So Bad ROBERT POLLARD and DOUG GILLARD of GUIDED BY VOICES [more...]
LIFEGUARDS: Waving at the Astronauts LP / CD / digital out Feb 15th, 2011 from Serious Business and Ernest Jenning.SBR46-EJRC078 Robert [more...]

Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard are Lifeguards.

LIFEGUARDS - Paradise Is Not So Bad by seriousbusiness