DraculaZombieUSA [SBR06]
CD (2005) $5 buy now
"I Need I Need Money Money Money"

'Right Makes Might' / 'Long Shot' [SBR17]
Digital-only (2007) Download:
"Right Makes Might"

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DraculaZombieUSA is a large group of nice young people.

Will Schachterle, a scientist and DZUSA's ace #1 fella, writes the following to explain what this group is exactly.

"We all used to live in NYC. then Andy moved to LA and Danielle and I moved to San Francisco (graduate school ladies and germs, button down collared shirts, in/superiority complexes, coffee, repetitive stress syndromes, colds, fluorescent lighting, time points, colleagues) and Travis stayed in NYC. But we wanted to keep the dream of DZUSA alive. So, we have this franchise band thing. Travis is leading a crew of cats and dogs on the east coast. You got your Bryan Bruchman, Tina DaCosta, Daniella Chminelli, Gena Bestoso, and Mary Phillips-Sandy going out there giving one hundred and ten percent. They play shows which I'm told are very exciting and sweaty. They are DraculaZombieUSA (the East Coast Annex). Here in the Yay Area, I've recruited my man Noah AKA JAMF to do something we call DraculaZombieUSA (the West Coast Solution). We are making remixes and blends, and spinning and eating very tasty Mission burritos."

So anyhow, Serious Business released DraculaZombieUSA's debut jam-tome, the eponymous debut CD (SBR05) in 2005. That is this thing:

They will be unleashing a stream of singles in the coming months, the first of which include the jams "Right Makes Might" and "Longshot" and will hit your screens in in the latter part of the year of our Lord 2007. to be specific it will slap your face on November 6th.

And a little something else for you to gnaw on...In February 2007 the DZUSA West Coast Annex dropped NICE FIXTURES, a 36 min. super party time mix of blends, remixes, blends of remixes, and remixes of remixes.