Serious Business isn't just a label. It's a recording studio too! We welcome all comers.
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The studio is located at 73 Spring Street between Lafayette and Crosby in Manhattan.

It's Music Time at Serious Business Music Recording Studio

1988 SONY MCI 24 track 2" Tape Machine

Brian Kantor's drums set up in the live room.

Look at all this cool shit. Gear.

Here's one of our iso booths stacked with amps in the heat of battle.

Our AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic. An absolute killer for complex sounds like drums, strings, piano. Richard Morris and Travis recorded the entire 11-piece M Shanghai String Band with just this one mic.

Travis waits patiently in the captain's chair.

There's Travis again, this time in the drum chair and giving up a thumb's up.

Here's Josh Kaufman, the main man behind Rocketship Park. We made their debut record here. He also plays the guitar in Higgins. We're currently making their record here too. He recently produced a track and wrote the string arrangement for a track called "Fade to Black" from the forthcoming Secret Dakota Ring record.

Phil plays guitar in Apache Beat and also in another band called Ahoi. Here's he's waxing a sweet guitar overdub from the control room.

John lays it down in the live room during a recent session with Brett Conti

Here's Dan (A.K.A. Thunder-Tubs) from El Jezel tracking some drummage. He also plays for the The Trembling Turncoats. Both bands recently finished long playing jam-tomes here.

Andy Bean and the Councilman lean their man chests into the mixing board as engineer Halsey Quemere mixes "Dipping Sauce" from the forthcoming third Two Man Gentlemen Band LP.

Brian and Eric both play in Rocketship Park and Higgins. Here you see them as they lounge on plush leather man-couches.

Drums! And a piano! Photo by TR Smith.