October 08, 2009


CMJ is upon us, and Serious Business is having its 4th CMJ showcase Tuesday October 20th at Pianos at 158 Ludlow Street. The show is FREE (as in love, beer, speech), and we hope you can find time in your busy schedule for another year of magic, music and survival Serious Business style!

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The Paparazzi 7:30-8:00
Saadi 8:15-8:45
The Unsacred Hearts 9:00-9:30
Higgins 9:45-10:15
Benji Cossa and the Key Players 10:30-11
The Octagon 11:15-11:45

To start, we've got The Paparazzi. The latest incarnation of Cat Power bassist Erik Paparazzi's band will make it's debut at our CMJ show. He's supporting the forthcoming platter Rococo (due out early 2010 on SBR --- details coming soon on this one!). Expect sweet 60s/70s styled pop of the Rundgren / Nillsson variety but with an abundance of hooks, guitars and cajones. Get a taste of the psychedelic deliciousness below

DOWNLOAD: "The Rococo Tape"[MP3] from Rococo (SBR40)

Next up will be the second ever performance from Saadi, the new solo project from Boshra al Saadi who previously brought us the bittersweet radio ga-ga thrills of Looker. With this new project, Boshra's agenda is decidedly less rockist but no less catchy, intelligent or complex. You'll hear rhythmically sophisticated, electronically flavored pop of the finest vintage. Her Bad City 12" EP is scheduled for an early 2010 release on Serious Business.

Up third will be flagship Serious Business experimental bar-band Unsacred Hearts. It's been nearly four years since the release of In Defense of Fort Useless, but the Hearts have a follow-up in tow called The Honor Bar that will see the light of day in 2010. We swear on our good names! You'll hear some new music that ventures to break to 2 minute barrier, along with some tried and true classics.

DOWNLOAD: "Where Are You" [MP3] from The Honor Bar (coming in 2010)

Batting cleanup is the mighty Higgins who have new album in the works. Higgins have been rocking the power trio format as of late and this is good news for those of us who enjoy hearing Brian and Kevin FLEX. The band is sounding better and more tuneful than ever. Kevin's latest batch of songs could be his finest. Do not miss this.

DOWNLOAD: "Thunder Mountain (Everybody)" [MP3]

Oh my god, the new bands keep on coming. Ladies and Gentlemen: Benji Cossa and the Key Players. This is Benji Cossa like you've never heard him before. He's bringing an all-star band with horns a'plenty and a suitcase full of new songs. In the time it's taken you to skim this e-mail, Benji Cossa's already written a new song. He's THAT good. Need proof?

DOWNLOAD: "Volcano" [MP3]

Finishing it off, riding on the glory of their superawesome digital EP ARM BRAIN HEART and LIVER, are The Octagon. Their third full-length Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever is stuffed with raw, tuneful and poetic two-minute bangers and is set to hit in early 2010. Anyways, don't just sit there, go download their EP. It's FREE! Anyways, don't just sit there, go download their EP. It's FREE!

DOWNLOAD: "Suicide Kings" [MP3]


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