January 10, 2010

SBR43 is The Year in Business: 2009 - FREE compilation

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Enjoy the third annual free compilation of outstanding imaginary hits from Serious Business.

Even though we find ourselves weeks into 2010 we wanna make haste in giving you this third annual installment of a little compilation series we call The Year in Business. We've posted a little zip file for you to download free of charge. In this zip you'll find 10 songs. 2009 has been a year of furious music making and record preparing, most of which you'll be hearing in 2010. The numbers collected below reflect the fine business we've issued recently and much of the fine business that'll be emerging early in the new year. Treat yourself to something nice here:


The Year In Business: 2009 by seriousbusiness


1. SAADI - Bad City (Serious Business Remix) from Bad City 12" EP [SBR42]
Boshra al Saadi's debut release is going to be a 12" EP on very deluxe white vinyl. The A side will consist of "Bad City" and then this Serious Business Remix of that track.

2. THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND - Me, I Get High on Reefer (live) from Live in New York! [SBR39]
The Two Man Gentlemen Band had a big year. We threw a party at the Serious Business Music recording studio, invited 50 special Gentlemen fans, and recorded the show for the this LIVE! album. In the days after this show, the Gentlemen shipped off to join up with the Bob Dylan Show. Watch them play "Me, I Get High on Reefer" at Dayton, Ohio's Fifth Third Field before 6,000 fans waiting for Willie Nelson, Mellencamp, and Grampa Bob.

3. THE PAPARAZZI - The Rococo Tape from Rococo [SBR40]
Erik Paparazzi's long lost psych-pop mini-opus will finally emerge this year. Allow your ears to be violated by this tiny slice of arty groovy pop. An instant fav!
4. THE OCTAGON - Suicide Kings from Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever [SBR41]
We're very lucky to have played a role in the creation of Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever this year. It is a very special record filled with realest rawest most unironic, literate, and unflinching rock music for people who love rock music.
5. HIGGINS - What Don't You Want? from Higgins / Andy From Denver - Split 7-inch [SBR31]
The Higgins / Andy From Denver (Marshmallow Coast) split 7" was a treat. Andy is an Elephant 6 legend who has played with the greats (Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.) Word on the street is that Andy will be contributing some guitar to Higgins' forthcoming studio platter (the followup to Zs.
6. JACK AND THE PULPITS - Francypants from Francypants [SBR38]
We continue our mission to introduce your ears to the timeless sounds on tapes lingering in magical boxes in Josh n Annie's apartment for almost 10 years.
7. ROCKETSHIP PARK - Spinning Globes from forthcoming LP
The 2nd Rocketship Park record is coming in 2010 and you will be delighted. Here's an early glimpse of Jeff Lynn-ish majesty. Pop doesn't get sweeter!

8. BENJI COSSA - Annie Delia from forthcoming LP
The was the first tune we recorded in 2009 for Benji's still underway next record. That's Travis on drums, Josh Kaufman on bass, gtr, keys, and Benji on singing, acoustic, songwriting and vision. Full disclosure: it's a song about his cat.

9. THE UNSACRED HEARTS - Fake Kisses from Ampeater Digital 7-inch
We've been doing The Year in Business since 2007 and every year there is an Unsacred Hearts song on there and it always says "from the forthcoming album The Honor Bar" but as of yet The Honor Bar has not materialized. We just haven't gotten around to putting the finishing touches on it. But thanks to Ben at Ampeater for demanding an Unsacred digi 7-inch for his site. "Fake Kisses" is a rockrockrock song that probably will be too loud to make it on the serene Honor Bar. That's Dave on the komuz, the national instrument of Kyrgyzstan.
10. THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND - Drip Dryin' (Reprise!) from Drip Dryin' with the Two Man Gentlemen Band [SBR35]
This lark in the studio became the album closer on January '09's Drip Drying with the Two Man Gentlemen Band. Andy Bean, the Councilman and Travis had a maximum R&B power trio in college where they played almost all the songs from Band of Gypsies.





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