June 05, 2010

SONG OF THE WEEK: "Pollen Seeking Bees" by SAADI

Song: Pollen Seeking Bees
Artist: Saadi
Album: Bad City 12"
Saadi - Pollen Seeking Bees by seriousbusiness
ONE TRACK MIND said this: "Pollen Seeking Bees" is premised on two main elements: SAADI’s vaporous vocals and a plucky piano rhythm that burbles throughout the two and a half minutes. When SAADI sings “fading into ether that transmogrifies a heart, the fog is knee deep,” she may as well be referencing the song itself, which floats through an entrancing haze despite the crispness of the production. “Pollen Seeking Bees” is simply the sort of cut that sucks a listener in, immersing one in the world the song is actively constructing. There are shades of Cocteau Twins and Asobi Seksu at work, but SAADI retains a clarity to her sound that neither of these acts was ever concerned with. Rather than achieving ethereality through walls of fuzzed out reverb, SAADI concocts the same dreamy feeling with the delicacy of her voice and instrumentation." One Track Mind

"Boshra al Saadi, a songwriter with visionary aesthetics and a voice in the birthing stages of becoming legendary"
-the Ampeater Review

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