September 06, 2010

Product Head 7-inch vinyl.
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Release: October 5th


A. Product Head (3:55)
B. Naught Windsor (3:10)

The weird and wirey post-punk chugalug "Product Head" inhabits the A-Side and Bob's words are brilliantly off the deep end. Here is a taste. "Facial blasts and soft gels barely make it / cougar mouth and game man rarely fake it." Prepare yourself. The non-album B-Side is a hard-driving Gillard power-pop instrumental with a mysterious Pollard vocal contribution.

Produced by Doug Gillard and Travis Harrison at Serious Business Music, NYC.
"Product Head" comes from the forthcoming second Lifeguards LP Waving at the Astronauts, the follow up to 2003's Mist King Urth. The LP is set for release in February 2010. This is the first formal collaboration between Pollard and Gillard since the disbanding of Guided By Voices in 2004.


The 7-inches will ship to arrive by the October 5th release date and they come with a free download.

This release comes to you from Serious Business in conjunction with Ernest Jenning Record Co.


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