July 29, 2010

THE PAPARAZZI and THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND Stop By BreakThruRadio's Live Studio Show (Recorded at Serious Business Music).

NYC based internet radio institution BreakThru Radio recently welcomed two of our bands onto their long running BTR Live Studio show. Both of these sessions happened at Serious Business Music Recording Studio (which I recently finally started a Facebook page for) and were presided over by me, Travis.

THE PAPARAZZI Erik Paparazzi assembled Ward White (acoustic guitar / sweet ass harmony vocals) , Craig Smith (drums), Adam Chilenski (bass and vocals) for this very special session. Erik, a noted guitar slinger and bass man, decided to focus on piano for this session, which was a treat because he is the consummate musical bad-ass. He so infrequently assembles a live incarnation of Rococo record, a piano redux of old Paparazzi mainstay "Zanzibar," and a handful of new tunes which will get you salivating for the next Paparazzi record which may not emerge for a while but will be worth the wait. Interspersed throughout Erik talk's to Maia McDonald about Rococo's cover art, the spirit of the Beatles and his time playing with Cat Power and recently with Bambi Kino.
Listen to the Paparazzi's BreakThru Radio Live Studio appearance here.

00:00 BTR Live Studio
00:57 Zanzibar
04:24 Epic Proportions
08:48 Interview
16:06 Late or Later
20:19 Rosebud
22:49 Interview
26:27 And Away We Go
31:19 Interview
36:09 The Rococo
37:53 Wave Wave Away
41:36 Interview
43:43 Any Other Way

BTR stopped by the studio while Andy Bean and the Councilman were in the midst of recording their 6th and finest LP, the unforgettable mono experience that is ¡Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta!
. Hear a sneak preview of the album on this show, along with typically hilarious banter from these kings of retro Vaudevillian olde-time music. Fans of the Gentlemen's furious live shows will be delighted to hear their trademark fast-paced routines in all their glory here.
Listen to the Two Man Gentlemen Band's BreakThru Radio Live Studio appearance here.

00:00 Two Man Gentlemen Band
01:06 Wine, Oh Wine / Franklin Pierce
13:13 Interview
14:07 I Like to Party With Girls
16:33 Interview
20:37 Leisure Class
22:57 Interview
24:45 That Gentle Stomp
31:14 Chocolate Milk
34:18 I Already Have a Dance Partner
36:54 Interview
38:39 William Howard Taft
41:30 My Baby's Off the Market


July 14, 2010

What's Happenin'? Serious Business Business Update

Hi. This is Travis. I'm going to take a few minutes to inform you what Serious Business Records has been up to so far in 2010. Even if you care, you could find this tedious.

New shit...

THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND: Dos Amigos Una Fiesta The sixth album from the Gentlemen was recorded in glorious mono by me at Serious Business in April 2010. Richard Morris and I mixed it. He mastered it. Jarrod Engel supplied his ample man ears. Andy Bean and the Councilman supplied their finest song-batch yet. The entire record was recorded live to 2" tape with no overdubs. Song titles include "I Like to Party With Girls," "There's Something in My Trousers," "Going Into Business," and of course the sweet ass Grammy magnet "Me, I Get High on Reefer." This will be out officially in the Fall. If you happen to catch the Gentlemen on the road this summer you are likely to find the CD for sale already. Please feel free to pre-order the CD here. It will ship on or before the release date, AUGUST 31, 2010.

Here is a sneak peek of the guys recording the title track at Serious Business.

THE UNSACRED HEARTS: The Honor Bar There is also The Honor Bar which to chief Hearts Joe and Dave and I has been the album we've been working on since late 2006. Mind you we work very sporadically so it isn't like we've been slaving away or anything. It sounds like a slow motion photograph. This record has a warm and cohesive sound which might surprise someone who only knows us from In Defense of Fort Useless (2006) which was gloriously scattered. The Honor Bar can be played in one's home while one is chilling out drinking tea with one's special lady friend. And then there is this little EP called Night Shift at the Hawk Refinery which sports more loud rock and which will undoubtedly reveal itself as a free EP soon. To summarize, we are trying really hard to finish The Honor Bar. For now, enjoy downloading and listening to "I Am Joe."

by seriousbusiness

ROCKETSHIP PARK: Cakes & Cookies This record has been gestating slowly since as early as 2006 but most of it has happened in the past year or two. It is safe to describe this record as a little more "up" than its predecessor Off and Away but that alone would be doing it a great disservice. Josh continues to prove himself as a songwriter capable of cutting deep. Josh enlisted performances from the usual suspects: Eric Jackson, Brian Kantor, Annie Nero, Mike Phillips, Dawn Landes, Bryan Devendorf (the National), me, engineer Halsey Quemere. Chances are there'll be a little supplementary EP called Nuts and Bolts that will emerge too and this puppy has a sweet title track with a lead vocal from Lauren Balthrop. Release date? Who knows? It is in bad form to be talking about this stuff right now at all since things change and nothing is 100% official yet. But I'm an emotional guy (50% Sicilian) and I'm excited. We're really close to finishing the mixes which sound very alive and three-dimensional and exciting to my ears and then Jamal Ruhe is probably going to expertly master it for us this summer up at West West Side and then we'll let you know what's up.

BENJI COSSA has a record brewing that is blowing my mind as we work on it and hopefully we will get it done and into your earholes before too long. There are a lot of songs. Over thirty. They are all golden hits. This is the second record Benji and I have worked on together at the Serious Business studio in NYC (the first was Benji Cossa and the Tightens). Here is "Annie Delia" which was originally leaked on our year end sampler in December but has since been altered with more harmonies and some sweet horns.

BENJI COSSA - Annie Delia
by seriousbusiness

HIGGINS also has follow-up to Zs in progress which the last time I spoke with Kevin was going to be called Straight As. Again, it is in poor taste to reveal this at such an early stage. He also had an amazing cover idea but you know how these things go and it is early in the game. The band recorded some basic tracks last year with me at Serious Business and some more with our buddy Jamal Ruhe in a big ass upstate NY church. Kevin has been pruning these tracks since then but has been distracted by life, work and love (aren't we all) and none of these tracks have reached the mixing stage so it is safe to say at this point we won't be getting Straight A's for a while. Early 2011 at the soonest. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be excited however. Back in December Higgins visited me for the first Casual Business session. Now we haven't dropped this session on the Internet yet because we're trying to get that project rolling a little bit before we jam all kinds of Serious Business bands up inside of it. But believe me when I say Higgins brought it that day and these recordings of old classix, new hits and a deep old Turtles number will be in your ears for free this summer. Kevin also recorded a version of a new Benji Cossa song called Leaving Hell last year and why haven't I finished mixing that yet? Your ears need this! Jesus, I have so much work to do!

...and more (... a tease ...)
: There is another big project underway that will emerge out of the ether this fall/winter and you'll be very pleased to find out what it is. You'll find out when it is the right time.

...aaaand I can't help myself but to inform you that I am now a new proud daddy and Ruby Roses Harrison is my baby daughter. She was born on July 7, 2010. She rules:

Travis Harrison


June 05, 2010

SONG OF THE WEEK: "Pollen Seeking Bees" by SAADI

Song: Pollen Seeking Bees
Artist: Saadi
Album: Bad City 12"
Saadi - Pollen Seeking Bees by seriousbusiness
ONE TRACK MIND said this: "Pollen Seeking Bees" is premised on two main elements: SAADI’s vaporous vocals and a plucky piano rhythm that burbles throughout the two and a half minutes. When SAADI sings “fading into ether that transmogrifies a heart, the fog is knee deep,” she may as well be referencing the song itself, which floats through an entrancing haze despite the crispness of the production. “Pollen Seeking Bees” is simply the sort of cut that sucks a listener in, immersing one in the world the song is actively constructing. There are shades of Cocteau Twins and Asobi Seksu at work, but SAADI retains a clarity to her sound that neither of these acts was ever concerned with. Rather than achieving ethereality through walls of fuzzed out reverb, SAADI concocts the same dreamy feeling with the delicacy of her voice and instrumentation." One Track Mind

"Boshra al Saadi, a songwriter with visionary aesthetics and a voice in the birthing stages of becoming legendary"
-the Ampeater Review

Buy the hand numbered, autographed (in Arabic) white vinyl 12" EP Bad City 12"


May 13, 2010

My O My /// .video.

this video was made by erik paparazzi and aj lambert.


The Paparazzi - Rococobyseriousbusiness

this record is available on vinyl. support independent music. get yourself some beautiful wax.


April 23, 2010

Sixth Album From the Two Man Gentlemen Band Recorded, Coming Later This Year

The Two Man Gentlemen Band are widely regarded as America's best dressed two man band, the proudest purveyors of sophisticated silliness, the viceroys of Vaudevillian novelty numbers, etc. They recently spent a few days in the Serious Business Music recording studio recording tracks for their forthcoming sixth album. Here's a sneak peek.


April 21, 2010
Oofah! The MP3 directory for our entire Serious Business Records website mysteriously vanished last week. This sucks salty nutzen. Stick with us. We're fixing it.
There is music here:

April 05, 2010

Rocketship Park and Benji Cossa & the Key Players Join Devin, Gary and Ross for Friday Night Show at Southpaw in Park Slope.

come to this serious business-curated live-on-stage-music-concert starring the talents of benji cossa and his key players, josh kaufman's rocketship park and devin, gary & ross (flynn, panter & goldstein) starting early at 7:30 and concluding at 11 at southpaw in the neighborhood of park slope in the borough of brooklyn in the city of new york.

It isn't often enough that our beloved Serious Business family gets out of the studio and onto the stage. Park Slope's exquisite Southpaw will host an unequaled triumvirate this Friday. night.

7:30 PM
This group consists of Devin Flynn of Pixeltan (whose recent dfa ep spawned this music-vid made by devin), and and GARY PANTER (the man behind pee wee's playhouse set design and a legendary artist).
8:30 PM
ROCKETSHIP PARK is the solo joint of Mr Josh Kaufman whose work with Dawn Landes, Caithlin DeMarrais and the Serious Business family has earned him endless hugs and kisses. Rocketship's debut platter Off and Away snuck gently into ear-holes in the election year of 2008. The follow-up record, which has been gestating for a long time, is now nearing completion.
BENJI COSSA is a lovable singer and a songwriter whose playful and very catchy slices of AM Gold seem simple but are actually very very very complex. He rules. He has released several records on Serious Business (Between the Blue and the Green, Benji Cossa's Vault Vol II: Jewels and Gems, Merry Christmas to Friends and Family, Love Benji Cossa, The Rollercossa 7", Benji Cossa and the Tightens) and is currently working on a double record he's calling II.

Benji will be backed by the Key Players who on this night will include Josh Kaufman, Annie Nero, Eric Jackson, Brian Kantor, Travis Harrison, and Matt Moon. It's a safe bet that most or all of these people will also be Rocketship Park for the evening, give or take a few humans like Mike Phillips, Nate Martinez, maybe others.

Here's what TimeOut NY said about this show: "Benji Cossa is a local songwriter who creates mini pop fantasias. Listening to his work, we’re reminded of the Beach Boys, the Band and other classic groups who refused to believe that sunny, sentimental pop couldn’t be a vehicle for transcendent beauty." Read more.


Here is a song called "April" that BENJI recorded with DEVIN many years ago and which remains a classic.
Benji Cossa - April by seriousbusiness

Here is a Rocketship Park number called "Because, Two Candles" which was a hit jam from the first record Off and Away and points to the sound of the second record a little bit as well.
ROCKETSHIP PARK - Because, Two Candles by seriousbusiness

Here is a newer Benji Cossa number called Annie Delia which has Travis on drums and Josh playing guitar, bass, keys, etc. Benji wants to put a horn section on this song before it comes out on his next album which we're calling II and will probably consist of about 30 songs.
BENJI COSSA - Annie Delia by seriousbusiness

Benji slicing onions.

Rocketship Park


March 17, 2010

SONG OF THE WEEK: "Bad City" (Serious Business Remix) by SAADI

Song: Bad City
(Serious Business Remix)
Artist: SAADI
Album: Bad City 12"
Saadi - Bad City (Serious Business Remix) by seriousbusiness
"There's something beautifully unsettling about the music Syrian-born rocker-turned-synth-queen SAADI makes. Sure, it's jaunty, canorous, and massively danceable. But it's also composed of broken-down doll melodies, tainted by screwy pops and wormy schizophrenia." RCRDLBL
Buy a signed, hand-numbered WHITE vinyl copy of Bad City 12"
See SAADI this week at SXSW.


March 16, 2010

SBR40 is
THE PAPARAZZI: Rococo. 12" vinyl (w/ CD) / Digital

The Paparazzi is the musical pseudonym of songwriter and rock auteur Erik Paparazzi, who has spent the better part of the past decade as a sideman with Cat Power's Dirty Delta Blues. His new record Rococo, recorded back in 2004, has finally seen release in March 2010 thanks to Serious Business. Expect a lush and dreamy ride that harnesses the best moves of several purveyors of lost classics and lost weekends: Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson, and Todd Rundgren.

Back in 2004 when The Paparazzi was performing regularly as a 7 piece band, they recorded the tracks for what was to become Rococo. But something was missing in the final results, and Erik shelved the record until 2007. On the road with Cat Power, he began remixing it on his laptop and wound up deconstructing many of the original performances and arrangements, sometimes drastically reinventing the songs. In so doing he gave new life to the project, and brought us a sonically stunning and wholly immersive record.

This is one to play through. From the first note to the last, Rococo thrusts listeners into a quasi dream state, conjuring rich images and soundscapes while reveling in pop thrills with enough happy accidents to subvert any hint of predictability.


or buy digital...
Buy Rococo on iTunes
Buy Rococo on eMusic
Buy Rococo on Amazon

Rococo by seriousbusiness


March 15, 2010

THE OCTAGON and SAADI Enrich Your SXSW Experience

SXSW is the real March Madness. Here is how Serious Business will help you lose your mind this week in Austin.
Thu Mar 18 - THE OCTAGON - 1PM - Pianos Day Party @ Kung Fu Saloon
Sat Mar 20 - SAADI - 2PM - Paper Garden Showcase @ Parkside
Sat Mar 20 - SAADI 4PM - Right on Rainey - 89 Rainey

Thu Mar 18
Kung Fu Saloon - Pianos party

510 Rio Grande Austin, Texas 78701 (corner of 6th St)

Sat March 20
Paper Garden SXSW Showcase

301 E. 6th Street @ San Jacinto- Austin, TX
Presented by Paper Garden Records, Market Publique & Howl Interiors

RSVP to sxsw@papergardenrecords.com for your chance to WIN A SWIMMING POOL!

See SAADI with excellent lineup of Boshra (vox/bass), Travis Harrison (drums), Jonathan Goldberger (gtr)

12:00 PM - The Loom
12:40 PM - Emanuel and the Fear
1:20 PM - The Lovely Feathers
2:00 PM - SAADI
2:40 PM - Peasant
3:20 PM - Mighty Tiger

Sat Mar 20
89 Rainey (Cesar Chavez and Red River)

Come visit the GRAND OPENING of the AWFUL WAFFLE! 89 Rainey St (Cesar Chavez and Red River)

SAADI at 4:30
w/ Prayer For Animals, Glass Trees, John Biz, The Blanks Tapes, JLD, Sound of Kaleidoscope
This show is of additional interest because our friend John Biz will be backed by Higgins' Brian Kantor and Billy Filo.
More info

THE OCTAGON: Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever

SAADI: Bad City 12"


More news: