March 08, 2010


Song: Clew Haywood
Artist: The Octagon
Album: Warm Love and
Cool Dreams Forever
The Octagon - Clew Haywood by seriousbusiness
"Raw yet pervasively warm and wise, it’s the kind of record that reminds you just how poignant lo-fi indie rock can sound." - Time Out
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March 07, 2010


Recently, Saadi has enjoyed the buzz of music media hype houses such as Pitchfork, RCRDLBL, MTV Iggy, The Music Slut and Prefix Magazine… and for no other reason than the music is good, really good.

"There's something beautifully unsettling about the music Syrian-born rocker-turned-synth-queen SAADI makes."- RCRDLBL

"…a songwriter with visionary aesthetics and a voice in the birthing stages of becoming legendary" - The Ampeater Review

"the best piano line Regina Spektor never wrote" - Absolute Punk

"Rather than achieving ethereality through walls of fuzzed out reverb, SAADI concocts the same dreamy feeling with the delicacy of her voice and instrumentation" - One Track Mind

"Daddy, You Been on My Mind" video directed by Carlos Charlie Perez
via Pitchfork

Get your 12" "Bad City" EP on Limited Edition White Vinyl
Purchase of the vinyl gets you exclusive access to MP3 and lossless download of the EP, exclusive video, photos, lyrics, etc.

1. Bad City
2. Bad City (Serious Business Remix)
3. Pollen Seeking Bees
4. Birds
5. Daddy You Been On My Mind

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Upcoming shows
03/13 - New York, NY @ Silent Barn
03/20 - Austin, TX @ Paper Garden Records Showcase
03/20 - Austin, TX @ Right on Rainey Showcase
03/24 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall (with Apache Beat)

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February 25, 2010

SONG OF THE WEEK: "Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger" by the UNSACRED HEARTS

THE UNSACRED HEARTS: Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger by seriousbusiness
A short EP called Night Shift at the Hawk Refinery will descend into yr iPod this spring. Here's a taste. Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger was a live staple as far back as '05. This version features an ornate horn arrangement written by Rocketship Park's Josh Kaufman and performed by Jordan McLean of Antibalas.
Song: Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger
Artist: The Unsacred Hearts
Album: Night Shift
at the
Hawk Refinery
(EP coming soon)


February 22, 2010

Two Man Gentlemen Band Performance Video + Interview on, Tour Schedule, and Live in NY album!

Our favorite two-man band is out on the road, bringing music to the masses. If they're coming within two states of your humble abode, we highly recommend you go see them!

Date City Venue Country
03/11/10 Knoxville, TN Barley’s Taproom US
Time: 10:00pm.
03/12/10 Knoxville, TN House Concert @The Glowing Body US
Time: 8:00pm.
03/13/10 Huntsville, AL Private Event US
Time: 12:00pm.
03/14/10 Chattanooga, TN JJ’s Bohemia w/ Pokey Lafarge US
Time: 10:00pm. Admission: $5.
03/20/10 Alfred, NY Alfred University Knight’s Club US
Time: 8:00pm.
03/26/10 Rehoboth Beach, DE Dogfish Head Brewery US


There's also full photo gallery here:


And don't forget their brand new album, Live in NY! Recorded in one raucuous evening event at Serious Business studios in Manhattan.


February 22, 2010

Video from Josh Kaufman & Nate Martinez Residency

Thanks to everyone who made it out to last Thursday's show at Sycamore. It was something to behold. The Garden continues to grow this Thursday, when Josh and Nate are joined by Dan Brantigan, Mark McAdam, and Bryan Devendorf (The National).

Enjoy these videos from last week. First, Rocketship Park's "See You," filmed by Bernie Dechant

And here's a vid of the group's cover of "Save Me a Place" from Fleetwood Mac's Tusk. Last week's lineup was as follows: Brian Kantor, Kevin Fish, Lauren Balthrop, Dawn Landes, Annie Nero, Mike Brown, Karen Waltuch, Eric Jackson, Nate Martinez, Josh Kaufman. It was dark in there so you can't see much. This was a very special night of music:


February 18, 2010

Higgins Plays Jersey City Museum, heralded as Jersey's "Finest pop craftsmen"

The Jersey City Museum is quite the posh setting for a rock show in Jersey City — a town in which stages are commodities in the most literal sense. But then, Higgins is not just any local rock band. They are quite probably the finest pop craftsmen with Hudson County roots that we have seen in the last decade or so.

At the special museum “First Fridays” show on Feb. 5, Higgins drew almost equally from their two records, the more recent Zs and 2005’s classic Dear Higgins (described on stage by lead vocalist and guitarist Kevin Fish as “a very Jersey record”) but generally leaned toward the more downtempo numbers. No matter, the crowd was enthralled, and it suited the stately venue. Having begun as just the duo of Fish and drummer Brian Kantor, when playing live, Higgins has experimented with bigger lineups, but now they appear to have settled into a three-to-four piece. The museum gig found the legendary Billy Filo on bass and Jordan Crowell on percussion. The ensemble has become finely tuned, at times bringing to mind Television fused with the Beach Boys.

Opening with “Difference”, the band laid down its hazy Badfinger groove in perfect style. Higgins is all about songs, and the genius pop craftsmanship on display in the likes of “Write It Down,” from their latest record, is not something that is easy to come by. Higgins showed versatility with the Kantor-penned instrumental, “Prelude To A Charly,” which spotlighted Fish making the most of his wah-wah pedal, with Kantor adding some Bonhamesque fills to compliment his usual rock-solid Ringo Starr inspired playing. The setlist was rounded out by a song by Rocketship Park, a Higgins side project, and one mighty fine Turtles cover. The evening wound down with the T-Rexy groove of “Come Again” leading into into perhaps Higgins’ biggest “hit” to date, the achingly woozy “Drop Off,” before closing with the very first track on Zs, “There He Is.”

The evening was opened by former Sub Pop artist Heather Duby, who played a lovely set highlighting her moody vocals and mostly consisting of new material she is working on for an upcoming record. Duby also plays this Wednesday, Feb. 17, at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. And Higgins, who don’t play in Jersey City nearly often enough, appear to be changing that — they have another scheduled show this Saturday, Feb. 20, in the more cozy confines of the Lamp Post. Be there or be square.

More photos in the original article by the Jersey City Independent, HERE


February 17, 2010


Song: Hi
Artist: The Paparazzi
Album: Rococo (SBR40)
The Paparazzi is the musical pseudonym of songwriter and rock auteur Erik Paparazzi (who plays the bass with Cat Power). His new record Rococo, recorded back in 2004, will finally see a vinyl release on March 16. Expect a lush and dreamy ride that harnesses the best moves of several purveyors of lost classics and lost weekends: Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson, Todd Rundgren, Nick Lowe.


February 17, 2010


Looker's Boshra Al Saadi is stepping out on her own with the SAADI - BAD CITY 12" EP on beautiful white vinyl. The blogosphere's perking up and taking notice, and foremost among her numerous admirers is Pitchfork. Watch the Carlos Charlie Perez directed video for SAADI's stunning acapella rendition of Bob Dylan's "Daddy (Mama) You Been on My Mind" on

The records just arrived the other day, and we can't wait to share them with you all. To sweeten the deal, we've constructed a special website for vinyl buyers, complete with behind the scenes shots of the record-making process, exclusive live videos, lyrics, and exclusive bonus tracks. Every record will have its own unique access card, but if you pre-order the record we'll hit you up with early access via e-mail within 24 hours.

A1) Bad City
A2) Bad City (Serious Business Remix)
B1) Pollen Seeking Bees
B2) Birds
B3) Daddy, You Been On My Mind



Mar 4 2010 9:00P
Cameo Brooklyn, New York
Mar 12 2010 9:00P
Silent Barn Brooklyn, New York
Mar 20 2010 8:00P
SXSW Paper Garden Party Showcase AUSTIN


February 10, 2010

SAADI Bad City 12" -- Vinyl Pre-Order and Ampeater Review digital 7-inch

SAADI's BAD CITY 12" is now available for preorder!
150g white vinyl 12"
All purchasers gain access to exclusive web world w/ high-quality downloads of ep (mp3, aac, flac, wav) plus a treasure trove of exclusive bonus music (demos, rough mixes, stray tracks, works in progress, live business), video, lyrics, pix, words from boshra.

SAADI, the musical pseudonym of the radiant Boshra al Saadi, is an eclectic and transcendental artist with a unique ability to create harmonious tunes tiled from fragmentations of both empathetic influence and detached curiosity. Drawing early influence from sources as diverse as Bob Dylan, classic 80's synth pop, traditional Arabic music, punk rock, Nigerian music and Brian Eno, SAADI assembles her musical creation to form what is fundamentally her own. This collision of pop-smarts, exotic influences and fearless eclecticism spawns music which sounds both sophisticated and delightfully accessible.

The record's first press is rolling in, thanks to The Ampeater Review:
"It’s one thing to be experimental, quite another to perform a successful experiment. The first is a compulsion, a personality quirk like generosity or reckless driving. The second is something people other than your mother should pay attention to. Boshra al Saadi, a songwriter with visionary aesthetics and a voice in the birthing stages of becoming legendary, from Damascus, Pittsburgh and currently the Lower East Side, is something everybody—even, maybe, your mother—should be paying attention to. For every shitheaded musical algorithm you could throw this artist’s way, like if Cornelius had a sex change and re-recorded Tusk, or if, you know, Regina Spektor had ousted Aaliyah at the Timbaland audition, there is really only one accurate way of encompassing the emotional kick these tracks deliver. Maybe it’s a thing about eponymous musicians, Prince, Madonna, whatever. But here’s the catch: I don’t want to just listen to SAADI songs or go to SAADI shows; I want to be SAADI. After you hear the A and B sides, you’ll probably feel similarly, and we can start a creepy support group for one another where we dress up and write borderline fan fiction."

Read the review
- Download the FREE digital 7-inch -
Love "3AM (Black Lodge) " on Hype Machine
Love "Pollen Seeking Bees " on Hype Machine


February 05, 2010

Josh Kaufman (Rocketship Park, Dawn Landes etc) and Nate Martinez (Thieving Irons, Pela etc) Feb & March Residency @ Sycamore! The Garden Grows.

This residency series is called The Garden Grows and is slated to kick off on the evening of February 11th and will feature Nate Martinez and Josh Kaufman accompanied by multi-instrumentalist and producer Mike Brown and violist Karen Waltuch. Every week a new roster of talented friends will join Josh, Nate and Mike. In celebration of the residency Josh and Nate will put together an album of live songs recorded during the residency for release after the shows culminate. After several releases and relentless touring with the band Pela, Nate Martinez is currently finishing recording and mixing his first album under the moniker Thieving Irons. Josh Kaufman is the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist/producer behind the band Rocketship Park, soon to release their second LP. He is also currently a part of Jack and the Pulpits and Dawn Landes and the Hounds, with whom he has recorded and toured internationally throughout the past year. Come and watch the garden grow!


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