November 16, 2009


November 13, 2009

Extra Business: Unsacred Hearts' "Fortunate Son," New ARoss Video.

For years, there have existed tapes, certain mythical tapes, rumored to contain Unsacred Hearts outtakes and rarities. Though collectors and opportunists have mercilessly sought them, they have never surfaced in the public doman...until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, the Unsacred Hearts' rendition of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic FM radio staple, Fortunate Son. The band put this cover together for an RNC Not Welcome benefit show back in July of 2004 and this recording is a rehearsal take. Andy Ross is on the bass...(more on him below).

DOWNLOAD: The Unsacred Hearts: Fortunate Son (rehearsal July 24, 2004) [320 kps MP3]


Speak of the devil. Serious Business Co-Founder-turned-rock-star Andy Ross has a scorching guitar solo in the new OK Go song. The video is something to behold, and we present it to you below. Once again, this is just one take, ladies and gentlemen.


November 09, 2009

News Shorties: SAADI Shows, Travis w/ Hurricane Bells on the Twilight Talent Tour, Serious Businessites Andy Bean and Brian Kantor with Lauren Ambrose & the Leisure Class

Wow, news, such news! To start it off we've got three SAADI shows coming fast and furious. Check it out:

Nov 14 2009 8:00P Garfield Artworks w/Lights Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 19 2009 8:30P Mercury Lounge w/ The Dig New York, New York
Dec 13 2009 1:00P Living Room--KIDROCKERS New York, New York

You can get more info about the shows on our events page or on the SAADI MySpace.

If you're hankering to find a way to combine your love of teenage vampire novels with your love of Serious Business, you're in luck! Travis will be playing some shows as drummer with Hurricane Bells, as featured on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. This is the solo joint of Steve from Longwave. Also in the band: Ashen from Scout, Morgan from Robbers on High Street and on Thursday Sammy James Jr from the Mooney Suzuki.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Talent Tour: Nov 10 Philly, Nov 12 Boston, Nov 19 NYC

We love to see our family get out and meet new people, and that's why we're thrilled that Andy Bean (Two Man Gentlemen Band) and Brian Kantor (Higgins + everything else) are playing with Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class at Joe's Pub on Sunday, November 15 at 9:30pm. You'll remember beautiful Lauren from her starring role in HBO series Six Feet Under. The musical style is hot hot jazz (a hot jazz EXPLOSION, as they call it, featuring:
Lauren Ambrose - vocals
Kip Beacco - Clarinet
Andy Bean - Plectrum guitar / Banjo
Matt Downing - Contra Bass
Evan Palazzo - Piano
Lyon Graulty - Sax/clarinet/bass Clarinet
Brian Kantor - Drums

If you're a Facebooker, we highly recommend letting the world know that you're attending via this event page.


November 05, 2009

3 Free EPs For You: Scuffed Pop Gems from Jack and the Pulpits, The Octagon, Benji Cossa.

Experience small doses of extra-potent musical juju juice from The Octagon, Jack and the Pulpits, and Benji Cossa, on us. All three of these free records were made with 4 track cassette recorders. All three EPs include scuffed golden nuggets of pop ecstasy. All three will provide tiny poofs of magic-stuff through your ear holes. Ain't that America!

Click the links below to get free zips. All we'll ask for in return is your email address. If you want all three EPs you'll need to put your email addy in separately for each one but don't worry! You won't get emails in triplicate! We're not total dicks. But you will be added to the Serious Business Newsletter e-mailing list which I assure you you will enjoy if you don't already and if you don't want it just unsubscribe and we won't get hurt feelings. If you're nervous about giving us your email to strangers make up a fake one like and play games with us.

The Rollercossa

Benji these three scuffed pop gems in his junior and senior years of college, many moons ago, in the nineties, '97-'98 to be exact. He used his Yamaha 4 track to capture the magic, his house at 144 1/2 Prospect St as his studio. He recorded some of the music in his bedroom and some in the basement and it is glorious.

THE OCTAGON Arm Brain Heart and Liver

The Octagon are the new underground kings of the lo-fi. This very satisfying EP Arm Brain Heart and Liver is a free prequel to 2010's vinyl epic Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever. The songs are life-scale, poetic, hummable chunks of raw rock and roll classicism.


With this second Jack and the Pulpits EP, we continue to excavate lost gems from the boxes of tapes beneath the beds of our best pals. These three songs encapsulate some of Josh and Annie's earliest work together, predating the EP we released in '08 by a year and a half or so. Sweet and angelic but slightly unhinged, this batch of early Kaufman/Nero songs will stay with you like your favorites do.


November 02, 2009


Tuesday's CMJ showcase went by in a flash!

These CMJ things are really just excuses for the Serious Business family to get together in one place at one time. It's more like a musical Thanksgiving than a music industry event for us. We gather, we give thanks, we spend time with our loved ones. Instead of turkey we gorge ourselves on rock.

Kicking it off was the Paparazzi. Main man Erik P recruited Ira Elliot from Nada Surf to drum, Adam Chilenski on bass, Ward White on guitar and harms and Erik Deutch on keys. They opened with "Hi" and "The Rococo Tape," two standouts from the forthcoming Rococo album.

Up second was the second ever show from Saadi. The room was paaaacked! Saadi is the solo vehicle for Boshra al Saadi (from Looker). This show featured fellow Looker alum AJ Lambert on bass and laser sharp harmonies, SB main man Travis Harrison on tubs, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar and Kevin Kendrick on vibes and percussion.

More photos from the Saadi set via StereoactiveNYC HERE.

Then we got the Unsacred Hearts. Six years burning down the road, the Hearts just don't stop. The core of Joe Willie, Dave Siegel and Travis Harrison were in face-melting form along with Andy Bean (famously of The Two Man Gentlemen Band) who rejoined the band on bass for the first time since last CMJ. Brian Kantor from Higgins resumed his recently emerging role as maniac auxiliary percussionist / background shouter.

"ABC News blog reports: I started out at Piano’s on the Lower East Side. I got my badge scanned, fought my way through the crowd of asymmetrical haircuts and cocktail glasses to get a good look at a band named Unsacred Hearts. After a few songs, I got that the band was made of folk-country rock with a solid beat. The lyrics are funny and relatable: the audience’s clear favorite was a rendition of “I will never let you drink alone.” Lead singer Joe Willie’s voice has the lilting rhythm and the roughness of Springsteen – it was oddly comforting to me. Notable moment: Willie’s enthusiastic stage presence sent him over the edge, literally: at the height of one song he sprung up into the air wildly, only to land stage’s border. He would have been artist roadkill were it not for a kindly photographer up front to catch his back and prop him back up on stage without missing a beat. What a trooper! Last but not least: bassist Andy Bean’s outfit for the performance. Leave it to Beaver haircut + argyle vest + white collared shirt = dressed for success in my book.

PS. The Unsacred Hearts also showed up on this list of the best band names at this year's CMJ courtesy of WFUV's Alternate Side.


And Higgins! Ladies and gentlemen, Higgins. This version of Higgins with Kevin Fish and Brian Kantor on gtr and drums and Billy Filo on bass and Jordan Crowell on percussion. Feast your eyes and ears on the below YouTube clip of "Charly." Their shit was so earth-shatteringly-god-of-thunder-on-fuckin-point that they nearly broke the cameraphone that captured this:

More photos from the Higgins set on Flickr!

Benji Cossa and the Key Players. Here was the lineup for this jam-out: Benji Cossa (vocals, gtr), Eric Jackson (gtr, bass, bax vox), Brian Kantor (drums, bass, percussion, bax vox), Kevin Fish (keyboard, bass), Travis Harrison (drums, bass), Ben Heller (trumpet), Matt Moon (tenor sax). The set list was heavy on new songs and instrument switching. And we saw Benji abandon his guitar for a few songs which was nice.

And if you think THAT's good, you should hear his songs!


The Octagon closed out the night playing songs from Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever which is going to be 2010's anthem-tome-of-the-year. Here's the cover art:

And somehow, the Two Man Gentlemen Band, who weren't able to play CMJ this year, ended up on this lovely compilation!





October 28, 2009

New Shorties: Two Man Gentlemen Band Tour Dates, Germans Love Serious Business

America's favorite Two Man duo is out on the road again with some East Coast shows. Be sure to catch them as they swing through your town!

10/28 - Looking Glass Arts Collective - Salisbury, NC
10/29 - The Coalyard - York, SC
10/30 - Eccentrik Festival - Chapel Hill, NC
10/31 - Halloween at Jack of the Wood - Asheville, NC
11/6 - The Record Collector - Bordentown, NJ
11/7 - The Jalopy Theater - Brooklyn, NY
11/8 - Focus Music - Arlington, VA
11/12 - Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT
11/13 - Amazing Things Arts Center - Framingham, MA
11/14 - The Space - Portland, ME
11/20 - Salt Hill Pub - Lebanon, NH
11/21 - Brass Heart Inn - Chocorua, NH

The Gents are also on Facebook! Click below to friend them:

AND, if you haven't been following the Gents' blog, Dear Internet, then you've been leading a hollow existence, devoid of all true pleasure and meaning. Really. Don't believe us? Read this:

New Hampshire: The Gentlemen have put you On Notice!

Dear Friends, The time has come to speak of New Hampshire, the state of my rearing. New Hampshire, The Gentlemen have put you On Notice. I, Andy Bean, this essay’s author and a noted 4-stringed instrumentalist, spent a majority of my formative years cavorting about the granite state. There, between the ages of 4 and 18, I humbly gathered a small passel of those accolades common amongst promising rural young persons. For the people and places of New Hampshire, I developed a lasting affection. Surely, I thought at the time, when I return to this state some years in the future, as one half of a majestic two man musical combo, my home state will welcome me with open ears and wallets. But, oh the naivety of youth!

Over the last two summers, The Gentlemen have performed in New Hampshire twice. Attendance at these recitals, despite splendid work by the recitals’ organizers and glowing notices in some of the state’s leading dailies, has been abominable. Perhaps, I mused to my partner, The Councilman, My Youthful accolades have little influence on the habits of two-man music enthusiasts. How I wish I knew you in your fit & able youth, replied The Councilman. I tire of your older self. After such failures, a less understanding duo might abandon the state altogether. But, given my personal ties to the area and my habit of returning there frequently to murder fish with a stick and hook, we have vowed to give New Hampshire one last opportunity to witness our musical prowess. Two concerts approach.
Friday, November 20th at The Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon, NH.
Saturday, November 21st at The Brass Heart Inn in Chocorua, NH.
As we wish to leave little to chance with attendance at these performances, we shall now entice you, New Hampshirites and music lovers all over New England, with two to continue reading!

Anyone Read German?

The German blog located at has said some nice (we think?) things about Serious Business Records:

wie ein gutes wirtshaus. hier kannst du immer einkehren und bist auch gern gesehen (hier und hier), selbst wenn du dich ein paar jahre hast rar gemacht. und die bedienung ist freundlich und nennt dich beim namen. die speisen sind variantenreich und von immer gleicher qualität. wer ein wenig serious business records vernachlässigt hat, dem wird es ähnlich ergehen. wie ein gutes wirtshaus geriert sich das label aus new york. die letzten neuigkeiten wollen nun berichtet sein und so geben wir uns mühe, dies in aller knapp- und angemessenheit zu erledigen. der letzte release stammt von annie nero und josh kaufman und ist eine drei track ep, aufgenommen auf einem 4track kassetten recorder in 2002/2003. "francypants" erschien bereits im jahr zuvor, wurde aber via sbr noch einmal neu aufgelegt, und ist die zweite veröffentlichung des paares (dawn landes hat übrigens auf ihrem album "sweet heart rodeo" einen song der beiden gecovert), ein geruhsamer shuffle im zwiegesang: jack and the pulpits - franypants (2009)
jack and the pulpits - dance area (2005)
sie haben im september eine ep unters volk geschmissen, free, free, free, getauft wurde sie auf "arm brain heart and liver", bevor in 2010 der neue longplayer an den start gehen wird
the octagon - suicide kings (2009)
the octagon - love will turn you around (2006)
ganz am beginn des jahres haben die beiden ihr unwesen getrieben und mit "drip dryin'" zumindest bei eingeweihten für aufregung gesorgt, sie sind u.a. ein grund, warum ich immer wieder zu serious business zurückkehre, banjo und bass, zwei launige stimmen und die volle lust am tun:
two man gentlemen band - drip dyin' (2009)
two man gentlemen band - fancy beer (2009)
two man gentlemen band - prime numbers (2006)
sein letztes werk liegt genau ein jahr zurück und war die 12" "...and the tightens", dafür gibt es aktuell einen mehr als hörenswerten livetrack:
benji cossa - april (live, 2008)
benji cossa - volcano (2008)
alles, was nun noch länger zurückliegt, könnt Ihr selbst nachholen, indem Ihr auf diese seite wechselt. es lohnt allesamt!

To check, we put the whole site into Google Translate and got this! Awesome!?

how a good tavern. here you always can stop and are seen made is also gladly (here and here), even if you yourself a couple of year scarce. and the operation friendly and names feed are neglects has yourself in the name. that variant rich and of always same quality. who a little serious business records, similarly will issue yourself it. like a good tavern geriert the label from New York. to that Last novelties want to be reported give now and so we effort to us to settle this in all tightly and appropriateness. The last release comes of annie nero and josh kaufman and is appear a three track ep, received on a 4track cassette recorder in 2002/2003. "francypants" already in the previous year, newly was put on however via sbr once again, and the second publication is pair the (dawn country has by the way on its album "sweet heart rodeo" a song of both gecovert), a peaceful shuffle in the zwiegesang:
jack and the pulpits - franypants (2009)
jack and the pulpits - dance area (2005)
they hurled in September an ep under the people, free, free, free, baptized became go will want camouflaged have it on "poor brain heart and liver", before in 2010 the new longplayer at the start
the octagon - suicide kings (2009)
the octagon - love you around (2006)
entirely at the start of the year both its Nuisances driven and provided with "drip dryin'" at least in dedicated for excitement, are agree it among other things a reason why I return again and again to serious business, banjo and bass, two whimsical and weighed do the full at that:
Two one gentlemen volume - drip dyin' (2009)
two one gentlemen volume - fancy beer (2009)
two one gentlemen volume - prime numbers (2006)
its last work is behind exactly a year and was are that 12" „...and the tightens", for that there up-to-date one more than a hörenswerten livetrack:
Benji cossa - April (live, 2008)
benji cossa - volcano (2008)
of all what yet more long is behind now, can make up your even, changes rewards in that your on this side. it altogether!


October 21, 2009

The Holy Grail of Higgins Videos! From The Longbranch Inn in Austin, TX during SXSW, March 20, 2009


October 15, 2009

SBR38 is Jack and the Pulpits' Francypants EP and it is FREE.

With this second Jack and the Pulpits EP, we continue to excavate lost gems from the boxes of tapes beneath the beds of our best pals. These three songs encapsulate some of Josh and Annie's earliest work together, predating the EP we released in '08 by a year and a half or so. Sweet and angelic but slightly unhinged, this batch of early Kaufman/Nero songs will stay with you like your favorites do.


Least Favorite
Historical Figure
There are 3 songs on Francypants
1. Francypants [MP3]
2. Show Off
3. Pirates

All songs by Annie Nero and Josh Kaufman.
Recorded at Duffield St in Brooklyn, NY on a (now broken) 4 trk cassette recorder in 2002/2003.
Mastered by Travis Harrison @ Serious Business in 2009

It is ironic that Francypants comes out at this moment in late 2009 because the two lovers have just removed themselves to Paris for the fall. Enjoy these beautiful songs sung so truly by such amazing people.

Also, we implore to please support independent music by purchasing this EP digitally. Do it
or wherever you like.

More to come from Jack and the Pulpits! For now, be sure to procure their first self-titled EP here.

In other Jack and the Pulpits news, Dawn Landes' new album Sweet Heart Rodeo includes a cover version of JatP song "Dance Area." This is not surprising to anyone who know that Josh and Annie have been playing beautifully with Dawn for a couple of years. Sweet Heart Rodeo is out now in Europe and out Jan 19th in the states.

More Jack and the Pulpits will be coming your way soon. Also, Josh's other project Rocketship Park is very deep into completing it's 2nd album.


October 15, 2009

New artist: Saadi. "Pollen Seeking Bees"


Looker alum Boshra al Saadi strikes out on her own as Saadi. Here's a sneak peek of "Pollen Seeking Bees," an infinitely tuneful and tender bedroom pop number produced by Boshra herself. "Bees" will appear on a very nice and very eclectic 12" SBR EP that is coming in early '10 (white vinyl anyone?). The below video was shot and sculpted by the infinitely gifted young Mr. Carlos Charlie Perez who also has a second Saadi clip locked and loaded.

'pollen seeking bees' by SAADI from carlos charlie perez on Vimeo.

Don't miss Saadi live. The current lineup features five humans playing 808 claps, a vibraphone and a bucket.
Oct 20 2009 8:00P
CMJ Serious Business at Pianos
New York, New York

Nov 14 2009 8:00P
Garfield Artworks w/Lights
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nov 19 2009 8:30P
Mercury Lounge w/ The Dig
New York, New York

Visit Saadi on Myspace.


October 08, 2009


CMJ is upon us, and Serious Business is having its 4th CMJ showcase Tuesday October 20th at Pianos at 158 Ludlow Street. The show is FREE (as in love, beer, speech), and we hope you can find time in your busy schedule for another year of magic, music and survival Serious Business style!

Join our event on Facebook!
Join our event on Myspace!

The Paparazzi 7:30-8:00
Saadi 8:15-8:45
The Unsacred Hearts 9:00-9:30
Higgins 9:45-10:15
Benji Cossa and the Key Players 10:30-11
The Octagon 11:15-11:45

To start, we've got The Paparazzi. The latest incarnation of Cat Power bassist Erik Paparazzi's band will make it's debut at our CMJ show. He's supporting the forthcoming platter Rococo (due out early 2010 on SBR --- details coming soon on this one!). Expect sweet 60s/70s styled pop of the Rundgren / Nillsson variety but with an abundance of hooks, guitars and cajones. Get a taste of the psychedelic deliciousness below

DOWNLOAD: "The Rococo Tape"[MP3] from Rococo (SBR40)

Next up will be the second ever performance from Saadi, the new solo project from Boshra al Saadi who previously brought us the bittersweet radio ga-ga thrills of Looker. With this new project, Boshra's agenda is decidedly less rockist but no less catchy, intelligent or complex. You'll hear rhythmically sophisticated, electronically flavored pop of the finest vintage. Her Bad City 12" EP is scheduled for an early 2010 release on Serious Business.

Up third will be flagship Serious Business experimental bar-band Unsacred Hearts. It's been nearly four years since the release of In Defense of Fort Useless, but the Hearts have a follow-up in tow called The Honor Bar that will see the light of day in 2010. We swear on our good names! You'll hear some new music that ventures to break to 2 minute barrier, along with some tried and true classics.

DOWNLOAD: "Where Are You" [MP3] from The Honor Bar (coming in 2010)

Batting cleanup is the mighty Higgins who have new album in the works. Higgins have been rocking the power trio format as of late and this is good news for those of us who enjoy hearing Brian and Kevin FLEX. The band is sounding better and more tuneful than ever. Kevin's latest batch of songs could be his finest. Do not miss this.

DOWNLOAD: "Thunder Mountain (Everybody)" [MP3]

Oh my god, the new bands keep on coming. Ladies and Gentlemen: Benji Cossa and the Key Players. This is Benji Cossa like you've never heard him before. He's bringing an all-star band with horns a'plenty and a suitcase full of new songs. In the time it's taken you to skim this e-mail, Benji Cossa's already written a new song. He's THAT good. Need proof?

DOWNLOAD: "Volcano" [MP3]

Finishing it off, riding on the glory of their superawesome digital EP ARM BRAIN HEART and LIVER, are The Octagon. Their third full-length Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever is stuffed with raw, tuneful and poetic two-minute bangers and is set to hit in early 2010. Anyways, don't just sit there, go download their EP. It's FREE! Anyways, don't just sit there, go download their EP. It's FREE!

DOWNLOAD: "Suicide Kings" [MP3]


More news: