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'Love Will Turn You Around' b/w 'Birdman' 7-inch

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1. Love Will Turn You Around [MP3]
2. Birdman
'Love Will Turn You Around' b/w 'Birdman' 7-inch

Seven inches with a big hole. Two sides. Two hits. The Octagon are a 4 guy act committed to a decidedly rockist agenda. Bob and weave. Hit it and quit it.

"...[The Octagon] re-imagines tight British pop (the Jam and the Libertines both come to mind) as vivacious New York punk. The band's best songs lump vocals together, finding strength in the collective." - Time Out NY

"Great garage(ish) rock with heart and soul that will have you playing air guitar and singing along. So if you are ready for love to turn you around, take a listen." Your Standard Life

"Like everything you've ever heard aplombingly played in a way you've never heard - like dropping your fave pop records in a juicer and serving in a rocks glass." -

"They're based in NYC, but the Octagon kicks 'em out in a style area rockers will recognize as very New Haventuneful, punky guitar-rock songs, not too jokey but far from self-serious, that strike and get out without overstaying their welcome." -The New Haven Advocate

"This is like the poor man's Hold Steady... check out your new favorite band." Songs:Illinois