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1. Brakelights
2. But Ms Love [MP3]
3. All New Rebel Yell
4. Gotta Gotta Shake It
5. Hoboken
Five Believers (digital only EP)

Five Believers collects five recordings from the Unsacred Hearts' vault circa '04-'05. Included are two Man In Gray covers and three In Defense of Fort Useless outtakes.

Five believers
All dressed like men
Tell yo' mama not to worry because
They're just my friends
- B. Dylan

And oh! Good friends they are. No cold eyes nor crooked hearts.
Count em mama - 5 of the old guard stand tall before the whiplash rain, the crossed arm immobility, the slings and arrows of the next big thing.
5 Believers!

2 tunes, borne of surprise birthday projects, labors of love and kinship of the 6 string.
3 tunes left like scraps on the studio killing floor (I shoulda quit you a long time ago)
the rag and bone shop of the unsacred heart.
Dark, rumbling paeans to wallflowers, motels and Courtney Love.
5 Believers!

But Miss Love
All New Rebel Yell
Gotta Gotta Shake It
5 Believers!

DON'T DRAG THIS INTO YOUR SHOPPING CART! I mean, do buy it, but don't try to buy it on this website. This is a digital only release. No CDs, records or tapes exist for SBR09. That means you have to get it from eMusic or iTunes or Rhapsody or Napster or whatever. You can also try this website called Music Gremlin. Go on, now.

Some credits? ---> Joe Willie: vox. Travs Harrison: drums. Dave Siegel: guitar. The bass was played by Andy "Rusty" Ross, on tracks 2 and 4. The bass was played by the drummer on 1 and 5. On 3 Dave played it. Andy Bean played the sweet-ass guitar solo on 4. He also sings on 3 and 4. On "Brakelights," Daniella Chiminelli sings along with Joe Willie. She also deserves a credit as executive producer on the two MiG tracks since the recordings were her idea. The cover art is by Jared Friedman, Man In Gray bass-man. His band is responsible for writing tracks 1 & 5 on this EP. On the fifth track "Hoboken" an additional writing credit goes to Mr. Dan Wholey who played in MiG during their earliest days and cowrote the song.

StereoactiveNYC says
The Unsacred Hearts‘ new digital only EP, Five Believers, extends the band’s track record of impressive releases. We’d suggest just surrendering yourself to this five track rocker, but these guys aren’t taking prisoners and this fucker’ll just mow you down where you stand.
After a masterfully executed full-length album — In Defense Of Fort Useless — that showed off the wide range of influences and capabilities of a band confidently come of age, the guys have opted to infuse their return to the shorter format with the same relentless, knock-you-on-your-ass-until-it’s-over energy of their first self-titled EP. What’s great about this most recent release is how it connects to their past — it features two covers of songs by their labelmates, Man In Gray (”Brakelights” and “Hoboken”), with whom they previously released a split 7″ EP, as well as outtakes from the Fort Useless sessions — without feeling weighted down by history. It’s simply skilled rock and roll bravado from beginning to end that will leave you wanting more.

"Today's hot piece of free new crap for you is Brakelights by The Unsacred Hearts and by jiggedy does it ever kick a lot of arse. Imagine if the last Primal Scream album sounded like a genuine feelgood, deep-fried collection of rough-around-the-edges boogie blues instead of a tired old bunch of men who don't know where to go with their lives. That's Brakelights by The Unsacred Hearts. Imagine the whip-tight garage rock of Eagles Of Death Metal mixed with the glorious boy/girl sloppiness of Royal Trux mixed with the wayward experimentalism of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in its prime. That's Brakelights by The Unsacred Hearts. Downloading Brakelights by The Unsacred Hearts will provide you with the most toe-tappingest, fist-pumpingest three minutes of your day. And there's always The Unsacred Hearts' EP Five Believers for you to buy once Brakelights makes you wonder how you ever got by without it."
-Heckler Spray

"But Ms Love is #6 song of 2006"
Take the City and Run