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1. Yes I Know [MP3]
2. Slap Or Pinch
'Yes I Know' / 'Slap Or Pinch'

In anticipation of the forthcoming full length Zs from the 60's styled guitar pop man-force named Higgins, we gave you this digital single. The guitar heavy A-side "Yes I Know" appears on that album. Close your eyes and you might hear some Ray Davies, some Beach Boys, some of Zeppelin's rhythm section, some Mike Bloomfield guitar, some McCartney, some Zombies; and all kinds of good good stuff. The B-side "Slap Or Pinch" is a delightful must-have home recording from head Hig Kevin Fish. This single is for lovers of melody.

Yes I Know credits:
Kevin Fish: singing, guitar, piano
Brian Kantor: drums
Josh Kaufman: guitar, glockenspiel
Fuller Condon: bass

Halsey Quemere: engineer
Travis Harrison: engineer, mixer
Richard Morris: mastering
Recorded and mixed at Serious Business, NYC. Mastered at Scott Hull Mastering, NYC.
Jais, I Know.

"It is quite a good tune."
Absolute Powerpop