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1. Spit for Your Shine [MP3]
2. Born in the Desert
'Spit for Your Shine' / 'Born in the Desert'

Spit for Your Shine (2:42)
Born in the Desert (3:14)

Looker's third single for Serious Business Records is titled 'Spit for Your Shine' / 'Born in the Desert' and comes out on April 15th.

Spit for Your Shine sends rock thrills down the bones of your back. Its a minor-key guitar thumper that induces a physical reaction in listeners' ears, heads and hearts. Boshra al Saadi's singing leads the charge, leaping across registers and cutting deep. Spit has been a live staple for the better part of the past year; the band performed it on Steve Lamacq's BBC radio show during a recent UK trip.

Flip the single and you've got Born in the Desert, a crystallization of all Looker's best bits, the big hooks, great words, the sheer exuberance. Producer Erik Paparazzi wisely indulges the band's willingness to explore , with long churchy reverberations and swirling feedback bashing up against cave-stomp fuzz-tones and big big beats.

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"With the spirit of Blondie & The Shangri-Las spiking their Indie pop fury, Looker have a sound that’ll have people resurrecting sleep over’s and pillow fights all over the land!"

"Single number three sees ‘spit for your shine’ giving the radio airwaves a bit of whipping with another slice of goodly wholesome boot tapping beat pop that strangely enough manages to have an unerring knack of being able to care freely wheel amid the contrasting landscapes of both 60’s styled folk rock (maybe its an age thing and the ears are going but there’s definitely an underlying Cambridge thing going on wrapped and sugared with Curved Air styled accents) and threaded by the momentary appearance of some neatly appreciated Link / Reverend Horton Heat sourced riff pyrotechnics. Of course all this is sublimely distilled in an austere wrap of wiry post punk needles and decorated by a kind of seriously off the rails twisted euphoria which in our books is no bad thing. That said we are rather smitten by the advent of the far stronger flip cut ’born in the desert’ - a superbly executed slice of candy twisted shade wearing 60’s psyche pop replete with zig-zagging fuzzy hooks, drafts of west coast dialects aplenty and girl harmonies that sound like they’ve made for break out from Spector’s 60’s sound factory and found themselves falling headlong through a time loop. Add in to the mix the peppering of chopsticks styled needling riffs, buzz sawing underpins and 50’s bubblegum wraps and what you have is a cool as f**k slice of sassy lysergic dipped beat pop that from where were listening sounds not unlike the Adult Net shimmying up to the Raincoats and the Go Go’s to ransack the back catalogue of soft pop sun children Wendy and Bonnie. Essential in case you wondered."
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