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Higgins / Andy From Denver  - Split 7-inch

1. Please Don't Take My Life Away (Andy From Denver)
2. What Don't You Want (Higgins)
Higgins / Andy From Denver - Split 7-inch

HIGGINS / ANDY FROM DENVER (Marshmallow Coast)

Split 7 inch

Side A:
"Please Don't Take My Life Away" (A. Gonzales)
performed by Andy From Denver (Marshmallow Coast)
Side H:
"What Don't You Want" (K.P. Fish)
performed by Higgins

Elephant 6 alumnus Andy From Denver (a.k.a Andy Gonzales) made his name as the main man in Marshmallow Coast (a.k.a. M Coast).

Higgins are Serious Business Records' resident purveyors of the classy rock.

This 7" is a fine excuse for these two titans of pop to touch toes on your turntable.

Side H brings you Higgins at their catchiest, classiest best. "What Don't You Want" shows the band reveling in the guitar-heavy side of their persona, the sounds you hear on Zs tracks like "Yes I Know." Kevin's winsome croon fills your heart. The band is in peak form. The song was recorded by Tom Beaujour in NJ and mixed by Travis Harrison at Serious Business in NY.

Side A brings you Andy singing RickJames-style disco shit about getting mugged. Fans of Of Montreal will eat up the sex-drenched casio aesthetic of this track, especially since Andy did a stint in that band. This track appears on the Marshmallow Coast record Phreak Phantasy.

A match made in heaven. ONLY 300 pieces.

listen here
Higgins/Andy From Denver (Marshmallow Coast) Split 7" by seriousbusiness

About Andy From Denver (from Andy himself).:
Andy From Denver is my self appointed name for projects I work on. I have been convinced by my label to return to "Marshmallow Coast" and am releasing an album this May called "Phreak Phantasy". Please go to the Marshmallow Coast page for more info. So, furthermore, when I record someone, produce a project, or play with someone it shall be under the name Andy From Denver.

I grew up in Denver, but moved to Athens in '98 to tour with Music Tapes opening for Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control on many American and European adventures. Then I started playing in Of Montreal, and did that for some years. We toured around the world, where my band Marshmallow Coast played a lot of shows. I eventually broke away from both bands, and now that I have a home studio will be doing my own stuff and recording select bands/ musicians.

Bands I have played in in Alphabetical order: Instruments, Lolligags, M Coast, Marshmallow Coast, Music Tapes, Of Montreal, Pipes You See Pipes You Don't.

If you have a recording project you would perhaps like to collaborate on or record with me, drop me a line. I am only doing select things generally 80's inspired synths, drum machines, guitars, etc. However I would consider doing distance stuff and adding guitars or keyboards to projects.



p.s. Keep taking your pants off 'til you find yourself (still).

This song is from MARSHMALLOW COAST'S Phreak Phantasy which you can buy at Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records.