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Favorites 02: Eric Copeland

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1. It's Coming To You (4-track NY 2000) [MP3]
2. So Glad (Live 24 Karat Band Version at the Stinger- Brooklyn, NY)
3. Like a Fool (4-track Sacramento '99)
4. Roly Poly Unholy Ponies (4-track Sacramento 1999) [MP3]
5. Milk and Honey (R.P.U.P. III) (4-track Sacramento 1999)
6. Into the Mouth of a Maneater (4-track NY 2001)
7. Back Again (Live From Brooklyn by the Bridge 2002)
8. Living Like the Dead (24 Karat Band Magic Shop Version)
9. Sundae (Live Tuff Duxx Version)
10. Bad Times Are Killing Us (4-track NY 2002)
11. For the Big Guy (24 Karat Band Magic Shop Version)
12. Who Took the Rebels (4-track Sacramento 1999)
13. No Tomorrow (4-track Raw Version)
14. Say Goodbye (4-track Only to Return Version 2003)
15. Superlow (Vault Vol. II Barber Master)
16. Love Is Like Lightning (4-track Slowly Version, Providence 1997)
17. Last Weekend (24 Karat Band Magic Shop Version) [MP3]
Favorites 02: Eric Copeland

SBR53 / 2011


Experimental musician Eric Copeland of Black Dice and Terrestrial Tones lives as a longtime Cossa enabler, enourager, co-conspirator and confidante. Here he chooses his ultimate collection of Benji Cossa classics. Eric served as the drummer in Benji's fabled 24 Karat Band trio in the mid 00's. His choices reflect a man with a taste for life's finest things.

"I dug deep, pulled out some old tapes and went through, trying to avoid the easies... so some are not a stretch, but hopefully some will surprise you too."
-Eric Copeland

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1.It's Coming to You (4 track) NY1, 2000

2.So Glad (Live 24 Karat Band at Stinger) - a bar somewhere in Williamsburg 2001-2?
3.Like A Fool (4 track) Sacramento 1999? Omnis Cossa
4.The Roly Poly Unholy Ponies (4 track) Sacramento 1999? Omnis Cossa, a failed project where I, as lead singer,  ride on the back of obese musicians.
5.Milk and Honey  (4 track) Sacramento 1999? Omnis Cossa, the C side of the Roly Poly Unholy Ponies release - a failed project where I, as lead singer,  ride on the back of obese musicians.
6.Into the Mouth of a Maneater (4 track) NY1 2001? I dreamed this one while I was hanging on a ledge above dark water swarming with crocodiles.
7.Back Again (Live from a place called Free Radio or Radio ...something - 2002? in Williamburg by the bridge. Devin on 2nd Guitar/Christy Karacas (of Superjail and Cheeseburger) on bass/Joe on drums) .
8.Living Like the Dead (24 Karat Band) recorded at the Magic Shop .
9.Sundae (Live Tuff Duxx) in my basement at 95 Morgan Ave - I think we called ourselves the Tuff Duxx 2002? Kevin Umbricht on bass? Joe on Drums/ Sebastian on 2nd Guitar. .
10. Bad Times are Killing Us (4 track) NY2 2002-3? Omnis Cossa.
11.For the Big Guy ( 24 Karat Band) Recorded@ the Magic Shop .
12.Who Took the Rebels (4 track) Omnis Cossa Sacramento 1999.
13.No Tomorrow (4 track) We dumped this into the computer for Between the Blue and the Green and redid the vocals. Most of the performance is the same. We could could call it a "raw" version. NY2 2003? Omnis Cossa.
14.Say Goodbye (4-track) Rebecca is on this one so it must be end of 2003/early 2004 in 95 Morgan, Bushwick. Eric calls this the Only to Return version because that is what his tape was called. I don't recall if this was because it came after I came back from the west coast or because it followed The Lost Years - Omnis Cossa sans Rebecca vox.
15. Superlow (Vault Vol II Version with Rob Barber's exquisite master)
16. Love is Like Lightning (slow intro?) (4 track slowly) Providence 1997? Omnis Cossa.
17. Last Weekend (24 Karat Band) recorded at the Magic Shop.

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