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Favorites 03: Daniel Strange

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1. Circus Love
2. Love Is Like Lightning
3. Life Might Be in Vain
4. Feel Like a Man [MP3]
5. Superlow
6. Nightmare
7. April
8. If I Were U
9. Pussycat
10. Forever Morning
11. Ice Skating
Favorites 03: Daniel Strange

Daniel Strange is a Los Angeles-based writer-director. In the last few years, he has directed episodes of "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis," written a Spider-Man video game for Activision ("Shattered Dimensions"), co-written and directed "The Ballad of G.I. Joe" for Funny Or Die, and been the voice of Gideon Jura in a "Magic: The Gathering" video game. He also helped Benji record some of these songs back in college.

"This is a lo-fi mix; for some reason that's the stuff of Benji's that resonates with me. Maybe it's because he only had this little 4-track to work with when he started out, so that's how I always think his stuff should sound. Anyway, beneath the rawness of these recordings are songs of incredible craft and power - from the catchy simplicity of 'Feel Like a Man' to the minimalistic majesty of 'Love is Like Lightning'; from the psychological darkness of 'If I Were U' to the wordless perfection of 'Ice Skating.' Also, this mix starts off with my favorite Cossa composition ever, a song we recorded together called 'Circus Love.' I think he's never released it before out of respect for it as a collaborative effort, but it's too good not to be shared with the world. Just listen to that chorus..."