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Favorites 04: Val Britton

1. Liquid Lead
2. Homesick [MP3]
3. Whistles, Bells and Cheers
4. Pressured Performance
5. Gone and Back
6. Be Honest
7. Another Man (Slow Version)
8. Hearts and Cigarettes (Val's Cassette Version)
9. For Tom's New Wave Movie
10. Everyone Knows (Slow Version)
11. I Don't Know You Anymore
12. Save Me
13. Have You Seen?
14. Say Goodbye
15. The Show Is Over Everywhere
16. No Tomorrow
17. Gone Back No More
18. Ukulele
Favorites 04: Val Britton

BENJI COSSA: Favorites 04: Val Britton

Outsider pop-God Benji Cossa is anthologized by his good friend of many years Val Britton, an acclaimed visual artist with an ear for greatness.