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1. Pay Up
2. My Window
3. Beautiful Girl
4. Effullmee
5. Math Is Power
6. Whiskey
7. Open Your Mouth [MP3]
8. The End
9. Broken Cars
10. 23 [MP3]
11. She's Already Made Up Her Mind About It
12. A Year and a Day
13. At Night
Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way

Here's the debut LP from Serious Business co-founder, Unsacred Hearts/DZUSA alum and current OK Go guitarist A-Ross' irresistible solo project. It's a candy factory, stuffed with symmetrical washes of electric guitars, sweet-sweet harmonies and tom-tom rolls. Enjoy songs about true heartbreak and living in restless times, each bestowed with Hitsville chorii aplenty.
"By having something to post every day, and putting up the occasional rarity, I don't have post about a band unless I really like them. Such is the case with Secret Dakota Ring. ... ["My Window"] sums up my feelings about SDR. Fifty percent of it is poppy enough to get it played on MTV or wind up in your high school-age sister's iPod. It's even more catchy than the flu. But the verses are weird and cool in that indie way. So definetely grab this one if you want a catchy song that you can still feel a little pretentious about liking - because that's what it's all about right? [/sarcasm]" - you ain't no picasso

"I love Andy Ross' solo project, Secret Dakota Ring. Love love love. His debut LP, Do Not Leave Baggage All The Way is one of those records for me. One that I've been listening to, on and off, for what feels like ages, and yet I still find new layers and intricacies that I've never heard before each time I go back to it, and find that I appreciate it more and more as time goes on."
-That One Pop! Gem

"Indie pop doesnt seem like it should be that hard to do yet there are so few bands out there that have it down perfect. So when i stumbled upon one that A.) I've never heard of before and B.) seems to know exactly how to make perfect indie pop, I was overly excited. Secret Dakota Ring is that band. Take notice because music like this doesn't come around all the time." -Skatterbrain

"Yea, they have a song that is covered on my second favorite album of last year but they do have other songs, available on their website, that kind of resemble a marriage of the Beach Boys with Aloha ("My Window" and "Beautiful Girl" for example) and early 90s, but 60s and 70s influenced, power pop ("Broken Cars" and "23"). Songs that do not appear on their website, "She's Already Made Up Her Mind About It" and "Open Your Mouth," are just as salivating as their freebies which make their their album, Do Not Leave Baggage All The Way at steal at only $5 (postage paid!) so grab it up while you can." -Mystery & Misery

"Secret Dakota Ring sounds like the result of every indie rock band working together to make a perfect pop band."-PhonyNowhere

"Secret Dakota Ring has made an amazing record conjuring up everything from Teenage Fanclub and Fountains of Wayne to classic power poppers Big Star and Cheap Trick. From the pretty "Beautiful Girl" (reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub's "Your Love Is The Place I Come From") to the head bobbing pop anthems "Broken Cars", "She's Already Made Up Here Mind About It", and "Open Your Mouth Secret Dakota Ring should be rocking stereos from here NYC to Cali."-Earfood